Bed and Breakfast Sicilia: Make Your Reservations Now!

There are three types of budget hotels in Sicily for travelers: villas, beach hotels, and bed and breakfast hotels. These 3 different accommodations encourage different travel personalities, but each one provides the budget traveler an amazing way to save money. They all share the same sentiment, however, bed and breakfasts are the most affordable accommodation. You can find them in well-known cities such as: Palermo, Catania, and Taormina, and all across Sicily.

Beach hotels are either real beach apartments or hotels that are cozily placed in close proximity to Sicilian beaches. You can select between 1 room units or units that have 2 or more rooms. Self service is the motto of Sicilian beach hotels, and you may have to pay additional fees for extra room services.

Villas are apartments placed in a country setting, away from a lot of the hustle and bustle of city.  Unlike beach hotels, villas tend to be completely furnished and permit guests to cook meals for themselves. Sicilian villas are perfect for families on vacation, because they are like a “home away from home”.  Groups of friends and travelers may want to make villas their first choice for accommodation, especially if they plan an elongated stay in Sicily.

Bed and breakfast hotels are another kind of budget hotels which you can find in Sicily. These amazing hotels are small and have luxurious rooms for accommodations.  Travelers will be able to save the most money by booking their stay in a b&b.  Bed and breakfast Sicilia hotels are famous for their homey atmosphere. An excellent B&B near Catania is Don Pedro Riposto. Visitors who would like to trek Mount Etna should stay here because it is just a short distance from the nearest trails. Additionally, Don Pedro Riposto is a pride of Taormina, a very popular tourist destination in Sicily, as it gives a stunning view of the coastline. You can also enjoy remarkable B&B Taormina facilities at affordable rates in this place.

Once you arrive, you will realize that living in Sicily is not too costly. You can use any of the above budget accommodations for an extensive vacation as well.



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